deep geothermal

deep geothermal ernergy means the development and utilisation of a hydrothermal reservoirs in a depth of more than 400 m. After a complex phase of exploration (geological, geophysics and geochemistry) and succesfull authorisation procedures, the first drilling will be made. 

Depending on the prooven reservoir (temperature, flow and chemistry) the next drillings and use for power generation and/or district heating will be decided. Sometimes the heat will be used for industrial or agricultural use as well.

There is a wide range of assembling the powerplant from different techniques that will be combined depending on the reservoir in order to have a most efficient system. We may  provide the required material and organize the shipping to your site as follows

  • pumps for production or injection well
  • heat exchanger and fluid of different types for indirect power generation (ORC- / Kalina-process)
  • turbines (dry steam, radial or vertikal, with / without gear)
  • colling towers with water- or aircooling for most efficient temperature difference

Additionaly we can provide any material needed for further drillings, such as

  • pipes
  • valves
  • cementation 

We will acompany all phases of your project from exploration / reservoir-development / powerplant-construction / contracting / maintanance / training and will care for all your needs regarding coordination and purchase of individuell material or documentation.

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