shallow geothermal energy

shallow or near-to-surface geothermal energy means the heat from the ground of a depth of up to 400 m.

Near-to-surface geothermal instalments can supply individual buildings or building complexes by geothermal collectors and probes with heating and cooling. Regulary heatpumps will be installed between the fluid from the ground and the fluids circling in the building.

The cooperation between collectors and heatpump can be processed verry efficient and provides temerature regulation for residential or commercial real estate property all year long. It may be combined with a solar PV system to generate the electricity needed for the heatpump. Even the subsequent installation as a modernisation of existing buildings is usefull, when the existing heating system will be used for fall back and peak times only.

We may arrange the concept of an individual system with our partners, considering your individual needs and local conditions. We will provide the coordination and delivery of all needed equipment.

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