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With our project banking service we provide smooth financial flow to your project. Being installed as Exporter of records between suppliers and final customer as well as between financing institute and main contractor we balance the interests and therefore provide harmony within the parties.


Our activities may be described as follows: 

Within more than 40 years we finalised many projects in Turkey and other MENA countries. For a Metro-Project in Istanbul we were named as 'General Exporter' and organized the supply and payment out of the German export credit line.

We recomend this model especially for complex projects with international finance and/or public guaranties such as buyer's credits and financing for renewable energy projects (geothermal energy). 




Whenever there is a single source of payment but several suppliers in various countries, you will need an institution that will manage the payment terms as well as delivery conditions of each supplier.
We effect payments to all suppliers according to their individual contracts and provide any requested supportive services such as LC’s or Bond‘s. From the source of payment we request the payments in the predefined procedure providing corresponding documents.
We also harmonize delivery terms and contact suppliers for succesful delivery in time. Sometimes we’ll also have to manage selection and payment of carriers






Harmonisation of currencies is a big issue in international projects. We provide transparency and assure trustful treatment of any project money.

Options of risc minimization and optimized use of different currencies is always procedured according to the instructions of the main contractor.

We may open accounts in any bancable currency and also may use several methods of exchange covering (Forward/ Option / NDF).







Export credit lines are restricted to 80 % of the project volume. Liquidity needs to be managed in order to effect due payments.

Transparency of due payments and liquidity is especially needed when changes in the project schedule are requested. Liquidity management will be able to name the limits in alternative scenarios.

Free liquidity may be invested in the capital market (fixed money, funds) according to the owners risc policy.






Finally the specification as privided in the tender may differ slightly from that what is finally realized. This may be cause by change of the supplier, changes in the description or simply translation.

To asure customs acceptance (incentive certificate) and documents that allow payment we grant some flexibility in the invoiced specification.


When being installed as exporter of records, we may establish invoices exactly as required, even when the supplier refuses to follow to the official specification. This will be done only, when we are convinced that the material is technically needed and truly sent to the site.

In case even the prices are fixed in the historic specification, we may invoice the historic prices, even when actual prices differ due to changes in the market, or due to new suppliers. This will work only as long as there is sufficient liquidity






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